Hamilton , 17 years Experience in Mercedes Benz & BMW. Trained & Certified by World Pac Training Sessions on Advanced Diagnostic Tools such Xentry/SDS/Star Tekinfo Systems and Porsche & BMW Diagnosis Softwares. Hamilton is a registered , Insured and Bonded Mercedes Benz used and Preowned Retail Dealer in State of California since 2014. All Vehicles brought to inventory are purchased from known major Mercedes Benz dealers in the area. Hamilton Has a PH.D. in Physics and has over 38 years Experience in Teaching Physics and Researching on Various projects. He has Published two Physics Books. All Vehicles must have a good history of ownership and maintenance or they will not be part of the inventory. He Personally test drives and check mechanical performance of each Mercedes and if any Electronic Repairs are Required, It will be dealt with prior to Sale. All Vehicles are smoged in advance of Sale too.

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