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University of ballarat becomes federation president


The Ballarat Federation has been awarded president of the Australian Federation of Students.

President Ben Whitehead became BFA president and vice-president of the regional body’s board of directors when its board’s annual general meeting was held on Saturday.

He will take on the role of vice-president for education in the coming months and will serve on the BFA’s regional body’s executive board until the end of 2019.

The union represents students in more than 200 institutions nationwide.

The board is also tasked with supporting the university’s academic achievement with an emphasis on academic excellence and student outcomes.

“Ben will have the opportunity to work closely with the BFA in the coming months to achieve these goals,” an assistant federation president said.

The BFA was founded in 1908 to promote and support the education of students at Ballarat University.

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End of an era as packer family sells off hunter valley polo ponces to auction group


The oldest hunting parochial in the country is set to be sold off to raise money for a charity.

It is thought the Pongapies, from Cairns, in the state’s Hunter Valley, have been out of stock for 18 months.

It comes as hunters, conservation groups and other interests in the region’s pastoral lands bid for them before the end of the year.

The family has owned the land for more than 100 years.

When the land was acquired in the 1970s, it was valued at $75,000.

The sale is expected to bring more than $100,000 to the local community.

The Pongapies owned a nearby land that they also bought in the 1970s for $300,000.

The sale takes about a week to sell off the family’s main hunting fields, as well as their grazing areas.

The land was sold to the group known as the Hunters Conservation Council (HCC), which is funded by the state Government of Queensland.

Since 2013, the Council has been auctioning off the land for $100,000 to 10 Aboriginal groups to put towards an indigenous resource development project.

The Pongapies’ name originates from a “pineapple bush”.

The council says they are trying to secure some of the land for future development.

The council says it hopes to be able to complete the conservation works in three years.

They say land will go to groups with special needs in the area.

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